QUANTUM SHIELD Gold 24k - cell phone electromagnetic radiation neutralizing antyradiator


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Quantum shield protects against electromagnetic radiation. It is made from silicone, tourmaline and germanium. It also has an unique crystal order. It neutralizes a negative cell phone radiation at the human body and brain by 99, 9%. It extends the battery lifetime two or even tree times. It decreases charging time by 50%. It increases capacity of the battery from 0,5 to 2 times more.

Why should we use Quantum Shield in our life?

The electromagnetic radiation is very dangerous for living organisms. It violates magnetic field of human body, deranges central nervous system function, which may cause a lot of diseases like headaches, insomnia, lack of concentration, depressions, diluvium, infertility, cancers, hormonal disorders etc.

Quantum shield decreases the pace of radiation absorption by human brain and body. It is highly advanced technology that protects organism against harmful influence of the electromagnetic waves.


Pill off self-adhesive tape and stick the shield at the back of the mobile phone or another device. You can also use Quantum shield at others devises emitting radiation like walkie-talkie, GPS navigation, TV, microwave, computer, LCD monitor, notebook, digital camera, MP3 player etc.

Ionization Shield keeps ions to the level from 1600 to 1900 negative ions

Self-adhesive, gold plated 24 carat gold shield