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30 000,00 zł tax incl.

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To understand the energy influence on your company, you need to get it like a living organism. The business lives: improves, grows, tones up or weaken and wither. When the energy flowing (its aura) in the company is positive - you succeed and get more money every day. But energy interferences weaken your company. It is ill. Just like living man.

Order the session that will also help you to:

  • Be on the up and up
  • Succeed in advertising campaigns, new products and services creating
  • Get awards and honors
  • Improve and keep the good atmosphere between conductors and co-workers
  • Get new business contacts
  • Tone up your and yours employees motivation
  • Improve and preservation succeeding ability

Disengage from all blocks that negatively influence your company or organization!

After analyzing i know what block you and i can remove it.

Due to the session you will improve the relations:

  • In the work team
  • Between the company and clients, conductors and business partners
  • You will dump all negative influences
  • You will dump the manipulations from dishonest an jealous people


I am here to help you.